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Illustrated newsrooms elevate entertainment media coverage

The entertainment industry is highly competitive. Success often depends on an entertainment company's ability to effectively maintain positive relationships with the media, manage crises, protect their intellectual property, deal with negative reviews, and balance creativity and commerce. Fortunately, branded online newsrooms can help entertainment companies tackle these challenges and maintain a strong media presence.

16 Feb - 2 Mar

'Save the date’ on arts and cultural events

Journalist are asked to attend hundreds of arts and cultural events every month. On initial glance, many of these events may be deemed newsworthy and something worth attending and even writing about. Unfortunately, if they don’t add them to their calendars immediately, they are soon forgotten. Lookatmedia™ has a feature that ensures your events are never forgotten.

More advanced ticket sales

It’s hard to review an event or exhibition before a preview. This is the dilemma that cultural and arts organisations must solve if they want advanced ticket sales through media exposure. How can you expect the media to create this exposure without experiencing it? The best way is to let them see it through your eyes.

Generating more illustrated reviews

Reviews are essential marketing tools for cultural and arts organisations. Great reviews can drive more ticket sales and attendance; however, journalists only have so much time to attend and review an event. How do you make your event stand out? The answer is Lookatmedia™.

Top 5 reasons to embrace the listicle

You don’t always have to be the lead in the media. Sometimes it’s OK (or even good) to share the limelight. Listicles are a great example of this.

Reanimate your image libraries

Museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions have rich veins of original images and video collections underutilised. They are particularly undervalued in a media relations sense. Lookatmedia™ can breathe new life into these collections and media profiles.

23 Nov - 7 Dec

Raising media awareness of music festivals

Journalists, media representatives and influencers all have an essential role to play in driving participation and ticket sales for your music festival. Their reach expands awareness and drives FOMO.

6 Nov - 10 Nov

Creating Media packages for events and festivals

In addition to adding images and video to an individual story, Lookatmedia™ also allows you to add Media Packages.

Custodian and curator

You're not only responsible for ticket and subscription sales, but you are also the custodian of a cultural organisation with deep roots in our past. You need to both protect this legacy and make others aware of your organisation's contributions over the years.