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Effective Rapid Response with Lookatmedia™

As the 2024 election cycle heats up, the importance of rapid response for political communication teams cannot be overstated. A Lookatmedia™ candidate-branded online newsroom, integrated with a powerful digital asset management (DAM) solution, offers a cutting-edge approach to enhancing these teams' efficiency and effectiveness, especially in combating AI-generated fake news.

Brace yourself for an ‘October Surprise’ like no other

In a survey this week by Lookatmedia™, journalists, PR professionals, marketers, lobbyists, and communication experts overwhelmingly agree: October 2024 will bring the most complex news environment the US election cycle has ever faced. Over 70% predict a deluge of AI-generated fake news, creating chaos for journalists, politicians, and voters alike.

Younger Adults More Vulnerable to Fake News Than Older Generations

A recent University of Cambridge survey of 8,000 participants, conducted over two years in collaboration with polling organization YouGov, has uncovered startling insights into Americans' ability to identify fake news. The findings challenge preconceived notions about who is most susceptible to online misinformation, offering a wake-up call to public relations professionals.

New Online Newsroom with DAM. Genius.

Some innovations make you ask the question, ‘why has no one done this before?’ Lookatmedia™ is one of those innovations. Lookatmedia™ is the first media centre solution that provides an environment for creating content for journalists, media groups and influencers. It also automates delivering the exact resources needed to complete their research and illustrate their stories.

The media has evolved. Has your media strategy?

When Mark Twain was asked about false media reports of his death, he is quoted as saying, “The reports of my death are grossly exaggerated”. Today the same can be said of the media. Although trust has shifted to some degree in the media, most people still get their news from credible media sources, with as many as 65% of people now getting that news from News apps. The media has undergone (and continues to experience) an extensive digital transformation necessary to their survival.

The Role of Online Newsrooms in Modern PR

Online newsrooms are more critical today than ever before. With the rise of digital media and the increasing use of the internet as a primary source of news and information, online newsrooms have become crucial tools for businesses and organizations to communicate with their audiences.

Illustrated newsrooms elevate entertainment media coverage

The entertainment industry is highly competitive. Success often depends on an entertainment company's ability to effectively maintain positive relationships with the media, manage crises, protect their intellectual property, deal with negative reviews, and balance creativity and commerce. Fortunately, branded online newsrooms can help entertainment companies tackle these challenges and maintain a strong media presence.

The online newsroom with an eraser

When you’re in the business of cleaning up other people’s mistakes, making mistakes yourself has very real repercussions, however the reality is that you will make mistakes. The fact that we all make mistakes ( PR professionals and journalists alike) is why we build an online newsroom that allows you to clean up those mistakes.