Your Lookatmedia™ Events mini home allows journalists, media representatives and influencers to discover your events by themes or by date range.

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10 Jul - 30 Jul

A Media pitch strategy that expands your journalist database

Most media pitches focus on using press releases and events to tell your story to your existing contacts. Lookatmedia™ uses a technique that achieves this while attracting and building your media contacts. Here's how it's done.

16 Feb - 2 Mar

'Save the date’ on arts and cultural events

Journalist are asked to attend hundreds of arts and cultural events every month. On initial glance, many of these events may be deemed newsworthy and something worth attending and even writing about. Unfortunately, if they don’t add them to their calendars immediately, they are soon forgotten. Lookatmedia™ has a feature that ensures your events are never forgotten.

7 Feb - 28 Feb

Calendar of events

Lookatmedia™ is designed for you to create and manage a media-friendly calendar of events.

1 Jan - 3 Jan

FOMO festival

Fear Of Missing Out on opportunities to promote your festival through free media has a cure. It’s your own Lookatmedia™ center. When you have a Lookatmedia™ center, you know you’ve created the ideal opportunity to engage with journalists. You know you’ve provided an environment where media representatives can discover story ideas, festival details, press releases, and even FAQs.

5 Dec - 15 Dec

Your 13-millisecond event media pitch

We’re all aware of the power of the 10 second sound bite, but how many know of the 13-millisecond media pitch?

23 Nov - 7 Dec

Raising media awareness of music festivals

Journalists, media representatives and influencers all have an essential role to play in driving participation and ticket sales for your music festival. Their reach expands awareness and drives FOMO.