Asked Questions

Can I have content preloaded on Lookatmedia™ to go live on a specific date?

Yes. When you create content, the publishing date is automatically set. You can manually update this field so that content goes live on a specific date.

Can I use Lookatmedia™ to push news, alerts, and updates to journalists directly?

Yes. Lookatmedia™ contains a feature that allows you to push breaking news, alters and updates directly into to the hands of individual journalists, with links to content in your media centre. This feature is the next step beyond email.

How do I manage tags in Lookatmedia™?

Tags lists are created and managed at the Administration level, then tags are added at the article creation level. Out of the box, your Lookatmedia™ tag list is limited to one On request your solution can be customised with additional tag fields.

Can I manage all of my images, videos, audio and documents in Lookatmedia™?

Your Lookatmedia™ centre Digital Asset Management solution is designed for digital assets such as images, videos, audio, brand assets and visually intense documents. You can effectively manage the security, access and usage of all of these documents within Lookatmedia™, removing the need for a separate storage system.

Can I allow other content creators to access my Lookatmedia™ centre?

Your Lookatmedia™ centre is designed for secure, anywhere, anytime access. You can choose to allow access to content creators to either upload digital assets to your Lookatmedia™ DAM or allow access to create and publish content in your Lookatmedia™ centre.

Is the content on my Lookatmedia™ centre discoverable through search engines?

Yes. Your rankings for content will depend on SEO factors such as keyword usage, volumes and quality of visits.

Can I block my content from discoverability on search engines?

Lookatmedia™ centre is designed to help you increase your profile in the media.  Organic discoverability is a critical element in media research and a way to access more and better media contacts.

How do Journalists and Media Representatives register on my Lookatmedia™ centre?

Lookatmedia™ is designed to capture media contacts. When Journalists, Media Representatives roll over an image or video in an article, they are asked either to register or to log in if they have already registered. Users then only need to add their login details to start downloading content.

Can I remove access to someone who has registered as a Journalist and Media Representatives?

Yes. Your Lookatmedia™ Administrator has the option of deregistering someone via your Lookatmedia™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.