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Online Newsrooms are essential in Automotive PR crises

In an era where the public sources news from both traditional and emerging media, including social media, automotive companies must rethink how they handle crises swiftly and effectively. The last three years have seen industry giants like Volkswagen, Tesla, Toyota, and Subaru navigating significant PR challenges. These examples underscore the necessity for a robust, next-generation online newsroom equipped with an integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, enabling 24/7 secure self-service for journalists.
Here’s how a branded online newsroom with an integrated DAM could have helped with the PR response to each of these high-profile crises:

Automotive brands battle Fake News to protect reputation

Fake news can wreak havoc on an automotive brand's reputation. False reports about vehicle defects, safety concerns, or unethical business practices spread rapidly, leading to consumer distrust and tarnishing the brand's image. For instance, a viral fake news story alleging a major recall due to safety issues can cause widespread panic among consumers, severely impacting sales and damaging the brand's credibility.

Misinformation & Disinformation in Healthcare

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare faces significant communication challenges, especially with the rise of AI-generated fake images and videos. The three most pressing issues are misinformation and disinformation, trust and credibility, and crisis communication.

Every election cycle is marked by a tech breakthrough. What's this year's?

In the early 60s, we saw John F. Kennedy shine on TV while Nixon faltered before our eyes. Fast forward to Reagan's "Morning in America" ad, and Barack Obama's mastery of social media and small donations. Each election either introduces new communication technology or creatively utilizes existing tech.

Can Digital Asset Management fight fake news?

In today's digital age, the dissemination of information happens at lightning speed, making it imperative for journalists to uphold the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. However, amidst the vast sea of online content, the risk of inadvertently spreading misinformation, or fake news, looms large. Here enters the role of integrated digital asset management (DAM) solutions, offering a beacon of authenticity and reliability for journalists and organizations alike.

Why photo editors reject your images

Photo editors have a dual role. They need to find the right images to tell stories and capture the reader’s attention. They also have the role of ensuring they have the legal right to use images. The legal aspect of images is where many PR professionals fail.

How to increase your media coverage by 50%

Extensive research and polls conducted over the past year have revealed a crucial factor in capturing journalists' attention and increasing media coverage: providing them with a wide array of visual resources. While various reports and surveys have highlighted journalists' desire for more choice, the impact of this increased choice on their coverage decisions remained unclear. To uncover the truth, we conducted our poll, focusing on the social platform that witnessed the most significant rise in journalists' participation: LinkedIn.

New Online Newsroom with DAM. Genius.

Some innovations make you ask the question, ‘why has no one done this before?’ Lookatmedia™ is one of those innovations. Lookatmedia™ is the first media centre solution that provides an environment for creating content for journalists, media groups and influencers. It also automates delivering the exact resources needed to complete their research and illustrate their stories.

Online newsroom software for 24/7 media engagement

If you have an online newsroom that only works when your PR team are available, or have time to engage with the media, then you’re missing opportunities for more positive media coverage.