Every election cycle is marked by a tech breakthrough. What's this year's?

In the early 60s, we saw John F. Kennedy shine on TV while Nixon faltered before our eyes. Fast forward to Reagan's "Morning in America" ad, and Barack Obama's mastery of social media and small donations. Each election either introduces new communication technology or creatively utilizes existing tech.

Politics is Scrabble, not Chess

After watching recent media coverage of a state election and federal budget, I concluded what game most closely represents modern politics, Scrabble.

How to increase your media coverage by 50%

Extensive research and polls conducted over the past year have revealed a crucial factor in capturing journalists' attention and increasing media coverage: providing them with a wide array of visual resources. While various reports and surveys have highlighted journalists' desire for more choice, the impact of this increased choice on their coverage decisions remained unclear. To uncover the truth, we conducted our poll, focusing on the social platform that witnessed the most significant rise in journalists' participation: LinkedIn.

Is it true ‘If you’re explaining you’re losing?’

Political pundits often use the phrase, 'If you're explaining, you're losing?' Is this true, or is the sequence of events the problem? Is it better to respond to a political opponent through the media or lead the charge? AA

Media pitch for a stronger recruitment brand

Lower unemployment figures and higher expectations of candidates mean organisations need to improve their recruitment brands. The media is one of the most credible and fastest ways to improve your profile to potential team members.

PR tools: have you been hornswoggled?

Just like the phrase ‘hornswoggled’, you’re probably working with PR tools that are not relevant to the lexicon of today’s media needs.

Digital PR for councils

Councils have all the PR challenges of large government, with a fraction of the resources, which is why they desperately need a solution that allows them to enhance their engagement strategy, using fewer resources. Lookatmedia™ is such a solution.

The role of media exposure in building trust in government

We are experiencing an ‘infodemic which is driving mistrust in governments worldwide. With such a rising tide of misinformation, governments and government institutions need to become much more active in the media to rebuild trust with the public. Lookatmedia™ can support you with this mandate.

8 Nov - 9 Nov

Before and after the press conference

Live press conferences are an effective strategy when you have big news to announce. However, it’s becoming progressively more challenging logistically. Lookatmedia™ provides your PR teams with a feature that simplifies the logistics and improves outcomes of press conferences.