This year's ‘must have’ item

On May 29, 1992, Apple launched the first personal digital assistant (PDA) onto the market, the Apple Newton. Apple CEO of the time John Sculley said it was "nothing less than a revolution," He was right; however, Apple's timing was poor. The product was underdone, expensive and ultimately superseded by the much more successful 3M ranges of PWAs. Apple eventually learned from this experience and made sure they got the release of the iPhone just right. The rest, as they say, is history.

Making a listicle and checking it twice

From seasonal to sale and countless other themes, the listicle has become a retailer's friend in the media.

Engage social influencers

Social influencers are playing an increasing role in Public Relations for retail brands. Some brands are finding as many as 50% of those who register on their media centres are social influencers.

Extending the reach and power of your PR department

You work your PR department hard enough. Do you expect them to be at their best 24/7? Lookatmedia™ centre was designed to do much heavy lifting for your PR team and provide the media with secure access to 24/7/365-day news, stories, images, and videos.

Top 5 reasons to embrace the listicle

You don’t always have to be the lead in the media. Sometimes it’s OK (or even good) to share the limelight. Listicles are a great example of this.

Bricks and media

Although your online sales are on the ascendancy, most of your sales still depend on your bricks and mortar presence. The media are still essential partners in reminding the public why they love visiting those stores.

Unboxing your Lookatmedia™ centre

Who would have thought that unboxing videos and images would become a ‘thing’? Who could have imagined millions of views for content that captures the joy and surprise (and sometimes confusion) of what it’s like as a consumer of taking a product out and setting it up? Well, if you are excited by what comes in the box of your new large screen TV, then you’re going to love this!