A leading destination for journalists

Let’s face it; the media loves a good travel story. The challenge is showing them you have a story to tell. Not just one story, but hundreds or even thousands of stories. With each one offering a unique destination or experience.

The challenge is that hundreds of thousands of tourism destinations around the globe are competing for media attention and exposure. The question is, how do I make my brand stand out from the crowd? The answer is Lookatmedia™.

Riding the coattails of fame

Celebrities and entertainment increasingly drive news and editorial content. This presents many tourism brands and operators with an opportunity to increase their free media exposure.

Media pitch for a stronger recruitment brand

Lower unemployment figures and higher expectations of candidates mean organisations need to improve their recruitment brands. The media is one of the most credible and fastest ways to improve your profile to potential team members.

Why earned media should be at the top of tourism's priorities

The tourism sector globally may be coming to the end of a very dark tunnel, a tunnel that has left the coffers mostly bare. The priority now is to get back out there and tap into the ravenous demands of audiences desperate for a holiday and break from the monotony of their everyday existence under the pandemic. Unfortunately, the cost of advertising in all of the markets you need to be in is prohibitive; it's (at least temporarily) beyond the reach of most tourism brands…hence the need for a better approach to earned media.

The misunderstood role of SEO for digital PR

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an area many in Public Relations are still grappling to understand. They may have a basic understanding of its role in marketing; however, they are unclear of its necessity in digital PR. We have written this article not as a definitive guide to SEO for PR but more as a conversation starter 20,000-foot view.

The next big thing in Public Relations

The next big thing in public relations is housekeeping. With the past few years squeezing the budgets and resources available to PR professionals, there is an increased need for efficiency borne of better work practices. This article will draw attention to 5 things you can start to do immediately to get your house in order.

More connections, more often

‘More connections, more often’ is a promise made by many transport brands. It’s a proven way of expressing why you choose one provider and one form of transport over another. It’s also an insight into the potential of Lookatmedia™.

Increase sales beyond tourist season

Are you a popular winter or summer destination but have much lower numbers off-season? Are your numbers big on school holidays but drop sharply during the school year? Whether you’re a theme park, a hotel, a tour operator or a destination, you’re always looking for new ways to generate more off-season visits and bookings.

Top 5 reasons to embrace the listicle

You don’t always have to be the lead in the media. Sometimes it’s OK (or even good) to share the limelight. Listicles are a great example of this.