Why photo editors reject your images

Photo editors have a dual role. They need to find the right images to tell stories and capture the reader’s attention. They also have the role of ensuring they have the legal right to use images. The legal aspect of images is where many PR professionals fail.

Is AI A-OK for PR today?

The impact of AI on the PR sector is a hot topic right now. It's so hot that PR software solutions are rushing to incorporate it into their software, hoping they can win early adopters of the technology and retain their existing client base, but are they going too soon?

Authenticity and how to fake it

Consumers are demanding more authenticity from brands. They're over the spin and want content and stories with greater credibility and authenticity, so here's how you fake it.

PR for VC

The recent machinations of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter should act as a cautionary tale for Venture Capitalists. A man hoisted high by the media as a ‘genius’ for more than a decade is now widely viewed as the ‘barbarian at the gates. The jury is still out on the financial (and social) implications of Elon’s approach to his reluctant takeover of Twitter; however, as a case study in PR, most would say it’s been an abject failure.

How Twitter can improve the success of your media pitches

77% of journalists use Twitter to keep up with the latest news. If you're not using Twitter to expand the reach of your media pitch, you're missing out; however, getting discovered on Twitter is challenging, so here are a few things you need to know and can do to improve your success.

Social Licence and online newsrooms

For those who may not be aware, Social Licence is the level of acceptance or approval that stakeholders and communities extend to projects, sites, companies, or industries. In an era of climate change, where actions in one country impact us all, Social License to operate is high in the media, public, government and businesses agenda. Such a license is based on trust and confidence – hard to win, easy to lose.

Branded online newsroom, your way

Choosing an online newsroom solution should work similarly to purchasing a new car; you can buy a base model, or you can change the look or add additional features to fulfil your needs and desires. It would be best if you didn't have to build the car yourself. The technicians who built the car are the best people to help you customise your solution to enhance performance and fit your organisation and people. This is the philosophy that drives the Lookatmedia™ customisation process.

Media pitch for a stronger recruitment brand

Lower unemployment figures and higher expectations of candidates mean organisations need to improve their recruitment brands. The media is one of the most credible and fastest ways to improve your profile to potential team members.

Permission to talk about climate change

On May 21, 2022, the Australian federal election demonstrated something important: people are willing to talk about climate change and motivated to act. Overwhelmingly the Australian public changed their focus from the economy to climate in ways that both surprised and shocked the two established pollical parties and the media.