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Misinformation & Disinformation in Healthcare

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare faces significant communication challenges, especially with the rise of AI-generated fake images and videos. The three most pressing issues are misinformation and disinformation, trust and credibility, and crisis communication.

Media pitch for a stronger recruitment brand

Lower unemployment figures and higher expectations of candidates mean organisations need to improve their recruitment brands. The media is one of the most credible and fastest ways to improve your profile to potential team members.

Climate changed

It's no longer a case of if climate change is real. Empirical evidence demonstrates that rainfalls and droughts exceed levels that have been recorded for more than 150 years. Rising sea levels have already impacted island nations. How will we arrest the long-term impacts of a changing climate?

The 2022 goal of discovering newsrooms in the goldilocks zone

When astronomers look for potential life throughout the universe, they often look for planets in the ‘goldilocks zone’. These planets have a set of criteria that provide the potential for life based on the ideal distance from a star and atmosphere composed of a specific mix of gasses, liquid water, and other factors. They set these criteria based on what they know has worked on earth.

The same principles apply when choosing a newsroom or media centre solution. Newsroom solutions need to provide the right atmosphere and ideal conditions for journalists to propagate their stories. Access to pre-approved compliant collections of images and video are essential ingredients in this process.

"Because you might tax it."

When the English prime minister William Gladstone asked scientist Michael Faraday what the usefulness of his electromagnetic device was, Faraday replied, "Someday you can tax it."
This example shows how a scientist sold what must have seemed an esoteric discovery of the time to a curious prime minister who failed to grasp the utility of electromagnetism. What's also fascinating is that this anecdote is doubtful, as it only popped up well after Faraday's death and Gladstone didn't first become prime minister until the year after Faraday died.

PR tools to triage your media response

The medical sector has policies that allow them to manage short term crisis and disaster responses; however, events like COVID have demonstrated that these responses become increasingly fragile over extended time frames. This is partly from a lack of access to equipment, medical supplies and the accumulated physical and medical toll paid by health professionals. It is also due to successive governments' erosion of funding and long-term investment.

A healthier online newsroom

In a recent survey, journalists confirmed that they are desperate for 'good news' stories to combat the overwhelming media attention on the impact of COVID 19. While it's impossible to understand the impact of this virus on the entire planet's human population, other things are happening. Good works by good people—progress where it's needed.

How to talk to science deniers

As professionals whose very existence is based on proven and repeatable evidence, it isn’t easy to comprehend that people choose to deny the basis of everything that drives our modern lives: Science.

Becoming the ‘go to’ expert on a health subject or issue

The last two years have seen the emergence of a new class of health media experts. Whether politicians, government-appointees, doctors, researchers or subject specialists, the media landscape has been dominated by a relatively small group of subject experts.

You could have access to your own health subject or issue experts to build your organisation's reputation and trust through the media…if they had the right forum to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.