The Role of Online Newsrooms in Modern PR

Online newsrooms are more critical today than ever before. With the rise of digital media and the increasing use of the internet as a primary source of news and information, online newsrooms have become crucial tools for businesses and organizations to communicate with their audiences.

The online newsroom with an eraser

When you’re in the business of cleaning up other people’s mistakes, making mistakes yourself has very real repercussions, however the reality is that you will make mistakes. The fact that we all make mistakes ( PR professionals and journalists alike) is why we build an online newsroom that allows you to clean up those mistakes.

Is your dull online newsroom hurting your reputation?

Does your organisation take advantage of the opportunity journalist provide you to build your reputation, or is your approach more a ‘small target’ approach? No matter how you see the media and your approach to engaging (or not engaging) with them, they have power and sway over how you are perceived.

Connect with journalists where they are

Where do journalists get their story ideas? Is it through press releases? If we are to believe the latest research, less than 4% of press releases receive media coverage. Is it through existing relationships? That’s a component; however, you can only go back to individual journalists a limited number of times.

Online newsroom solution for green energy

The green energy sector is locked in a battle for the hearts and minds of the public. Its foe is the inertia and friction provided by outdated information and the agendas of those who benefit most from the status quo. Lookatmedia™ provides a PR solution designed to change the balance of power in this battle.

Media pitch for a stronger recruitment brand

Lower unemployment figures and higher expectations of candidates mean organisations need to improve their recruitment brands. The media is one of the most credible and fastest ways to improve your profile to potential team members.

Media pitch via app & in-browser notifications

Most PR professionals lament the diminishing returns they now receive from press releases delivered only by email. ‘Yes’, the one-on-one email engagements with journalists still deliver strong results; however, the same cannot be said of disseminating messages across a network.

Support your sponsorships

Your sponsorships are how you show your support for the community. They demonstrate your commitment to the greater good. The question is, are you promoting the people, events, and organisations you sponsor enough?

In the public interest

Few organisations have such an impact on our day to day lives as public and privately owned utilities. Few sectors play such a key role in changing behaviours and attitudes, so building and maintaining relationships with the media is essential.