Do AI solutions represent opportunities or threats to PR professionals?

We've posted content recently on the impact of AI on the profession of marketing. The response to this content on LinkedIn has been polarising. Many have viewed technologies like ChatGPT as a fad, others as a time saver, and others as career-ending technology. The truth is something entirely different.

The online newsroom with an eraser

When you’re in the business of cleaning up other people’s mistakes, making mistakes yourself has very real repercussions, however the reality is that you will make mistakes. The fact that we all make mistakes ( PR professionals and journalists alike) is why we build an online newsroom that allows you to clean up those mistakes.

Is Chat GPT an existential threat to PR & journalism?

Like most new technologies, many people view Chat GPT through rose-coloured glasses, tempting the public with promises of a Brave New World. Like the book Brave New World, the race to this utopian existence ignores the value of our humanity. As societies, we need to become better at looking at the entire spectrum of consequences of letting experiments like Chat GPT out of the lab.

Is your dull online newsroom hurting your reputation?

Does your organisation take advantage of the opportunity journalist provide you to build your reputation, or is your approach more a ‘small target’ approach? No matter how you see the media and your approach to engaging (or not engaging) with them, they have power and sway over how you are perceived.

PR tools for successful experimentation

The most successful organisations and people in the world are innovators. They accept that failure is a critical component of the experimentation process that continues to drive success. The PR sector exists in an environment where experimentation is not encouraged. PR is losing ground to marketers, who utilise technologies that allow experimentation and learning at the level of a single person.

Journalists' relationship with social media

According to Pew Research Centre, more than half of Americans get news from social media platforms, but which social platforms are the source of stories by journalists?

Authenticity and how to fake it

Consumers are demanding more authenticity from brands. They're over the spin and want content and stories with greater credibility and authenticity, so here's how you fake it.

Changes that will impact Public Relations practices in 2023

There have been seismic shifts in the media that will impact the effectiveness of PR Professionals and teams. Here are the trends to watch for 2023.