Illustrated newsrooms elevate entertainment media coverage

The entertainment industry is highly competitive. Success often depends on an entertainment company's ability to effectively maintain positive relationships with the media, manage crises, protect their intellectual property, deal with negative reviews, and balance creativity and commerce. Fortunately, branded online newsrooms can help entertainment companies tackle these challenges and maintain a strong media presence.

The best company press page is not a press page

There is an AdWords campaign for an online newsroom solution that starts with the line 'don't overpay for PR software'. While this may seem an attractive promise, it's leading to organisations committing to PR software solutions that fail to meet the needs of enterprises. In life, there are few exceptions where cheap means better, and when dealing with the reputation of multibillion-dollar originations, cheap is never better.

Branded online newsroom, your way

Choosing an online newsroom solution should work similarly to purchasing a new car; you can buy a base model, or you can change the look or add additional features to fulfil your needs and desires. It would be best if you didn't have to build the car yourself. The technicians who built the car are the best people to help you customise your solution to enhance performance and fit your organisation and people. This is the philosophy that drives the Lookatmedia™ customisation process.

Agitation. Acceptance. Action

The three legs of the milking stool of non-profit PR are agitation, acceptance, and action. While every non-profit will have its own goals with media engagement, they all will include at least one of these focuses, with some including all three.

10 Jul - 30 Jul

A Media pitch strategy that expands your journalist database

Most media pitches focus on using press releases and events to tell your story to your existing contacts. Lookatmedia™ uses a technique that achieves this while attracting and building your media contacts. Here's how it's done.

16 Feb - 2 Mar

'Save the date’ on arts and cultural events

Journalist are asked to attend hundreds of arts and cultural events every month. On initial glance, many of these events may be deemed newsworthy and something worth attending and even writing about. Unfortunately, if they don’t add them to their calendars immediately, they are soon forgotten. Lookatmedia™ has a feature that ensures your events are never forgotten.

18 Nov - 2 Dec

Launch campaign benefits through Lookatmedia™

Most campaign launches include a PR campaign. Often, these PR campaigns use the same creative material and themes. With advertising campaigns, it’s easy to control when this content is released to the public, as the brand employs everyone involved in disseminating this content. This is not the case with PR.

20 Oct - 20 Nov

PR event promotions

Whereas the purpose of PR events may vary, they all have the common goal of increasing awareness and positive exposure. Whereas social media is playing an increasingly important role in the exposure of these events, media coverage is still considered the most important goal.

Finance PR 2.0

Businesses in the financial sector understand how quickly their brands can wither under the media's intense spotlight. It seems the media are more unforgiving of finance more than any other sector. Rather than risk damaging your brand and reputation, you could have Lookatmedia™ to help you work with the media to grow.