Why online newsrooms are PRs' AI superpower

Over the next few years, many changes in the media space will impact how PR interacts with journalists. One such change will be the increasing role of online newsrooms as a resource.

PR tools for successful experimentation

The most successful organisations and people in the world are innovators. They accept that failure is a critical component of the experimentation process that continues to drive success. The PR sector exists in an environment where experimentation is not encouraged. PR is losing ground to marketers, who utilise technologies that allow experimentation and learning at the level of a single person.

Climate changed

It's no longer a case of if climate change is real. Empirical evidence demonstrates that rainfalls and droughts exceed levels that have been recorded for more than 150 years. Rising sea levels have already impacted island nations. How will we arrest the long-term impacts of a changing climate?

Permission to talk about climate change

On May 21, 2022, the Australian federal election demonstrated something important: people are willing to talk about climate change and motivated to act. Overwhelmingly the Australian public changed their focus from the economy to climate in ways that both surprised and shocked the two established pollical parties and the media.

Staying on mission and message

While you may feel a political football at times, the role your organisation plays in society is on the ascendancy. Your mission is endless. The resources you have to promote it are not. You need the most efficient way to get the message of your mission out to the public. Lookatmedia™ is how you do it.

Parks now open… closed, open, closed

Now seems to be a challenging time to keep the public informed about the resources you manage. Managing expectations is also tricky for those unaware of the online and app resources you provide. The media is your pathway to keeping the public more informed.

Park your media stories here

How does your Parks management service engage with the media? Do you work with them to show the wonders of your natural assets? Do you use media exposure to teach the public respect for the environment and native owners? Do you view the media as an essential resource for educating the public on the wonder and value of the natural world…or do you see them simply an afterthought?